Saturday, 5 February 2011

Tired typing

Just back from a great booking in Dover, an eighteenth birthday party to be precise. Lovely crowd all thoroughly enjoying themselves in a club, alcohol and happy people make for a good caricaturing gig (the other extreme being an office full of people busily working and not at all interested in being drawn.. oh yes, I had that gig a few years back!).
Pretty much every gig goes well and people respond well to the pictures, but in my 15(ish) years working as a caricaturist I am yet to get used to one thing... and that would be the phrase,
"Can you come over to my table next?"
Keeping a mental note of the five tables you have to go to next can be a bit of a juggling trick while drawing and every now and again you upset people without trying to. One lady this evening got a little irritable and told me she'd asked me an hour ago. I don't think she realised she was one of about 50 people who had asked me to come to them next this evening. But I think I managed to draw most of the people that wanted one, including the irritable lady who soon became a jolly lady.
Lovely drive back with that little buzz a good caricature gig brings me, but boy do I ache!
Hope I stop aching for Sunday.. drawing caricatures at a wedding fair in Detling before driving off to another birthday party as soon as it's finished.
Every ache is worth it though, this is definately the life for me. Excuse the rambling nonsense of this blog, my brain is as worn out as my drawing arm.

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