Sunday, 6 February 2011

Doodling at Detling

Wedding fairs are such an enjoyable part of the job. I get to draw free caricatures and there's no pressure. Don't get me wrong, it's busy.. but it's still a kind of relaxed atmosphere.
Sadly I am booked in Lancashire during Detling's big wedding fair in May so I took the opportunity to have a pitch at the (slightly) smaller fair they were holding today.
What a great crowd! Lots of people were up for being drawn and I had a really good time. Also received a good few bookings which is I suppose the point. I do tend to just get wrapped up in the drawing so it's lucky Mai attends with me so she can chat to people.
This evening I went on to a 9th birthday party which made a nice change.. it's not often I get booked for kids parties as there's not enough kids attending to make the price worth paying, but this was one BIG party! the kids were incredibly friendly and I had a great time, finishing up with drawing a few of the parents.
So now after a short drive back I'm resting my aching bones. What a wimp!

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