Friday, 25 February 2011

The Kings Speech

Last night I had my head in a giggling mood as I went to the cinema with Mai. We were intending to see the new Simon Pegg film 'Paul' until we stood in the queue and spotted the hordes of teenagers queueing, burping and using the word "bruv" in every sentence. God I'm getting old.
That was when we decided 'The King's Speech' was a safer choice.
You've probably heard all the hype. This film has wowed audiences across the world and received awards-a-plenty, and I can't say I'm surprised. It positively oozed acting creme de la creme to the point where you could expect nothing less.
Most of all it was a pleasure to watch Colin Firth stammering along in his role as George VI, accompanied by the charmingly suave Geoffrey Rush as speech therapist Lionel Logue. Great duos work in many films and this ranks up with the best of them. The movie also featured among others, the talents of Helena Bonham Carter as a young Queen Mum, the great Michael Gambon as an imposing George V and Derek Jacobi as a suprisingly intrusive Archbishop.
It's easy as a mere commoner to dismiss royalty as cold, self-righteous people but films such as this show you the sensitive side of how they live their lives. This film had the same effect on me as Stephen Frears 'The Queen' from a few years back, in that it somewhat softened my attitude. It's easy to assume the stories you hear in newspapers about the royal family to be true, but so much more gratifying to discover that they suffer the same basic human fears as the rest of us.
I found the 'The Kings Speech' to be a thoroughly enjoyable film with a powerful score. It's not for everybody but if you think you may like it or are just intrigued then why not.

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