Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Experiments in animation

After a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday about the prospects of using my artwork in animation, I went home and had a little experiment to see if the programs on my computer would be capable of producing anything.
What I came up with was very simple and basic but it has given me food for thought with regards to future projects. So please bear with me with the above clip, it is just a test which I never intended for public viewing but I will hopefully be building on this to make clips which will give you all a giggle in the near future.


  1. Rich, you sound so modest....this has opened up your work to a whole new domain.
    Imagine Ripper Town Shorts, or even your quick comic sketches....
    Bravo... ( yes I used Bravo)

  2. Cheers Ash! It has given me a few ideas, will post more up soon with any luck.