Sunday, 27 February 2011

Blissful Booking

Just back from a busy day and laying like roadkill on my bed, laptop at hand.. so a brief blog.
Attended a wedding fair at Hamletts Hotel in Larkfield during the day. It was a nice easy paced one. I was surprised at how many people approached my pitch claiming how much they loved caricatures, only to run terrified when I asked if they'd like a free one drawn. Maybe it's my face, I don't know.
Mai accompanied me there which is always a great help, she's quite a people person and so responds well to meeting new people, particularly other stall holders who have goodies to offer her for our own wedding in 2012. It's a strange thing when your brain is in business mode and your partner's brain is in the land of Bride-to-be.
Once the fair was over, I dropped Mai off and went on to my evening booking in Snodland, an eighteenth birthday party. This booking was a house party with a great group of people who were up for a laugh. It's always an honour when a family invite you into their home as it's a much more personal experience. You get to mingle more and feel a real part of the fun.
I even drew a hamster and a tortoise, that's gotta be a first at a party.
Now a few days at home working on commissions before next weekend's craziness, a wedding and a two day stint dressed in medieval costume.. where did I put that codpiece?

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