Friday, 11 February 2011

Celebrity of the Month: January 2011

As a fun feature this year I thought I would start to add a
celebrity of the month caricature.
I'm not hugely taken with the gossip columns and such that surround celebrity, but I think we all from time to time find something in the land of the famous that give us a good chuckle. If I do get stuck for a celebrity I may be trawling through Mai's National Enquirer in desperation..
hopefully for my sanity it won't come to that!!
I also doubt that any politicians will end up as one of my monthly celebs, they really shouldn't be regarded as celebrity anyway and to be honest, that whole world, though necessary, is incredibly dull.
So January's celeb is Ricky Gervais, he may have offended some at the Golden Globes but really what else did they expect? Ricky is known for his controversial and outspoken comedy and to give him a huge platform for it is only asking for trouble.
Possibly the one thing that amused me more than Ricky's comments was Robert de Niro laughing at them.
I salute you Mr. Gervais, may your comedy stay on the razor sharp edge of what is acceptable.

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