Sunday, 20 January 2013

Celebrity Group Caricature

Some of you may have noticed I have commenced work on a series of group caricatures of famous tv shows and movies.
There will be more and more of these appearing throughout the year as I have a list to work through.

The idea came from last years Misfits picture which received lots of great comments from the stars.

The first one I drew this year was Red Dwarf X. It was great to see the boys back on our screens so I had to show my appreciation by doodling a picture of them.

I tweeted the first draft to Robert Llewellyn (Kryten) and he pointed out that he is the tallest character and I had drawn him the shortest (oops). 30 seconds later I had adjusted it and I tweeted it over to receive a lovely reply saying,

"That is just too damn clever sir, thank you most kindly"

I also hear friend of mine who knows Craig Charles passed a copy onto him and he tells me it was well received.

So next I moved onto my favourite American comedy, "The Big Bang Theory"

I tweeted this one to the stars but I believe they were in middle of receiving awards so not surprised I didn't get any feedback, but I did get lots of great comments from friends and followers so many thanks!

Last week I completed a caricature of my favourite tv show, "Dexter". Lots of great faces to draw.

This one was greatly received by a couple of the stars and friends alike and I was over the moon to receive a message of thanks from David Zayas who plays Angel Batista in the series.

So what's next? I have received a few suggestions and have a few ideas myself.. more to come soon!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Post Apocalyptic New Year

Well here we are, five days into a new year despite the doomgloomers trying to wish disaster upon us all. Now is a quiet time of year for me, a few weddings and parties along with a handful of commissions. January is the manageable month.
This year will be seeing a change in my business, without my wedding to organise I feel more hands on with the caricatures so I'm planning many exciting things to come.
I'm currently working at the Oasthouse Theatre in Rainham, a delightful little theatre that Im signwriting and adding quirky illustrations to. This is obviously in between party and commission work but it is a fun little sideline. It's also entertaining to listen to the actors perform overhead as I paint.
In May I have been asked to entertain at a party celebrating what would have been Peter Cushing's 100th Birthday. I've always been a huge fan of this classic actor, not only for his great performances in classic hammer movies but also for his charm and personality. It is indeed an honour to be involved in this event, I sincerely hope it goes well. I am booked throughout the year at many parties and weddings so am truly looking forward to every one of them. Best of luck brides and grooms, believe me, it's not as scary as you might think.
Mai and I will be moving premises later in the year so I should at last have a study to work in, rather than filing paperwork in a box and illustrating commissions on the dining room table.
So an optimistic start to 2013 I think, let's hope it's justified.