Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Hadlow Manor Hotel

On Sunday I attended a great wedding fair at Hadlow Manor Hotel with the Wedding Experience.

It was great meeting a whole new group of brides and grooms to be, along with a few others who have already booked me for later in the year.

Hope all who attended had as much fun as I did!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Time Travelling Cartoonist

 Situated in the heart of the english countryside is a little known venue called the Lost Village of Dode. What remains of this historic village is a quaint little church that hosts all manner of parties, and this evening was a fun evening of medieval craziness.
I attended the 40th Birthday of Barbara and what a different party it was.. medieval music played to a scene of kings, queens knights and damsels all drinking wine and eating hog roast (of which I had a little.. yum yum) while a crazy jester played pranks a plenty...
oh and some bloke wandered around drawing medieval caricatures.
Here's a couple of pics that I took, hope you like!

Huge thanks to Barbara for having me there and the personalised embroidered napkin I received serves as a lovely memento of a great evening.. loved every minute. Thank you!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

A entertaining gig

Last night I attended the wedding of Gareth and Louisa in Sandwich, and it was a really entertaining night.
It was another great crowd and everyone was up for a laugh, always nice to see people enjoying a wedding for what it should be.. a fun night with family and friends.
Pictured left is a caricature I drew of an amazing punk/skiffle band that played on the night.. truly funny guys. They kindly gave me a cd of their music in return for their caricature.. thanks guys, I love it!
Their website can be found at http://www.bendercrackcorn.com/
Check them out, but expect craziness!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Celebrity of the Month: February 2011

February's celebrity of the month just had to be Christopher Lee, who received a lifetime achievement award at this year's BAFTAs.
I've always been a huge fan of Christopher, watching him in various roles in the Hammer Horror pictures, right up to his recent roles in the Star Wars movies and Lord of the Rings. You even see him popping up in small bit parts in films such as Burke & Hare and Season of the Witch.
I even had the pleasure of working on the set of a movie last year that featured the man himself. Such an honour to be in the presence of a real cinema legend.
Keep your eyes peeled as he's bound to be in many more roles to come!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Steve Lebowski

Just thought I'd add a quickie caricature I drew of my good friend and fellow caricaturist Steve Hearn.

Hope you like, and more importantly.. I hope he does!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Herald of Spring 2011

I was booked in the lovely town of Epsom once more for the annual Herald of Spring Medieval Fair.. and what a great weekend it was. 
Many people popped by to be drawn as Knights, Damsels in distress, Kings and Queens including these lovely people who saved me having to use my imagination by dressing in amazing costumes.
It made my own costume pale into insignificance in comparison.. I must up my game and get a big crazy hat in case I'm asked back next year!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

 It's the early hours of Saturday morning and I'm not long back from an incredibly enjoyable booking at Cooling Castle Barn.
Sadly, I didn't get a photo of the bride and groom with their caricature but here's some pics of their guests with caricatures.

Thank you all for being drawn, you were a lovely crowd.

Most importantly, Big Congrats to Kate & Stevie, a really nice couple.. I wish you all the very best for the future.

Thanks to the handy little Lumix camera Mai bought me for my birthday, more pics like these will follow from different events I attend.

Speaking of which, I'd best be off to bed.. up in 5 hours for a weekend of drawing medieval caricatures in Epsom!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I got to see Paul!!!

Finally last night we got to see the new film 'Paul' starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost
and I loved loved loved it!
Simon and Nick star as Graham and Clive, two nerds who out from a visit to the San Diego Comicon decide to make a road trip across America visiting famous UFO sites.
On their trip they encounter an eccentric roadside cafe owner, some demented thugs, a devout christian father, a team of determined FBI agents and of course the star of the show, Paul, an alien with a chilled outlook at life.
This film plays against all the cliche assumptions that are associated with aliens and ufos, with gags relating to alien lauguage, anal probes and alien diet.
It also appeals to your inner geek with references to a whole collection of classic movies such as Aliens, Back to the Future, Jaws and a whole pile of others that I can't even remember at the moment
(I'll never be a reporter).
Joining our geeks and crazy alien is the great Kristen Wiig as Ruth Buggs, a girl with a strict religious upbringing who meets Paul and her life is turned upside down. She suddenly discovers that she can indulge in fornication and bad language so every sentence contains a strategically placed snippet of foul language.
Probably more than anything else it is just an absolute pleasure to watch Simon Pegg and Nick frost working together again. Whether it's battling zombies, criminals or the FBI these two are probably the UK's finest duo of our time, I only hope they continue to bring us little gems like 'Paul'.