Sunday, 20 March 2011

Time Travelling Cartoonist

 Situated in the heart of the english countryside is a little known venue called the Lost Village of Dode. What remains of this historic village is a quaint little church that hosts all manner of parties, and this evening was a fun evening of medieval craziness.
I attended the 40th Birthday of Barbara and what a different party it was.. medieval music played to a scene of kings, queens knights and damsels all drinking wine and eating hog roast (of which I had a little.. yum yum) while a crazy jester played pranks a plenty...
oh and some bloke wandered around drawing medieval caricatures.
Here's a couple of pics that I took, hope you like!

Huge thanks to Barbara for having me there and the personalised embroidered napkin I received serves as a lovely memento of a great evening.. loved every minute. Thank you!

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