Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Dexter series 5

Well I thought I should christen the new blog with something at least and so am starting with something non-caricature related.
Dexter. without a doubt my favourite tv series. It is simply an amazing feat how this series is created, not only do you find yourself loving the characters (none more so than the serial killer himself) but each series has new shocks to offer.
Series four simply had the most mind-blowing ending ever (I wont specify, for the sake of those who haven't seen it) and so when I sat down to watch series five I really didn't expect much, just a few satisfying chills and thrills would be enough to suffice.
But the 5th series has a new outlook, with Dexter's lifestyle taking a big overhaul the storyline had to go off at a new angle.. and that it did.
This series sees Dexter protecting a would be serial killer victim by the name of Lumen while dealing with the antics of those around him.. probably the most difficult of all being his step-daughter Astor, now becoming an awkward teenager.
The true beauty of the series shows in these set-ups; one side an action packed horror/thriller, the other a family based drama. You would never have seen Hannibal Lecter changing a nappy, for instance.
Series 5 has several moments that have you almost leaping from your seat.. the risks Dexter takes becoming ever more alarming, the moments he almost gets caught becoming ever more frequent.
This series may not end with quite as much shock as it's predecessor but it still stands alone with it's thrills.
If you haven't watched Dexter before, I would give it a go.. tv doesn't get much better than this.

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