Friday, 9 January 2015

Je Suis Charlie

It's been a sad few days that have seriously affected the world of cartoons & freedom of speech.
I'll admit I was only vaguely aware of the Charlie Hebdo publication and it's controversial subject matter. But when hearing about the shootings I had a look through the works of those artists that lost their lives to terrorists on Wednesday. I wanted to know what kind of cartoon could be so offensive it could justify the death of it's creator.
Like most cartoons, the illustrations in that magazine poke fun at something. Cartoons do that, it's what they're for. Some are a little more controversial than others but they're a lighter way of making a point.
I personally try to avoid politics in my doodles as I prefer to doodle the world of celebrity and entertainment, it's my choice. Charb, Cabu, Honore, Tignous & Wolinski chose to satire religion, politics and all manner of controversial material and that was their choice.
Those choices are freedom of speech and freedom of speech is the right of every human being.
Nobody has the right to commit murder, even if they do believe a higher entity has told them to do so.
As I type this the news in the background announces the deaths of those suspected in the killings along with many innocent victims.
..and what did all of this death result in?
Millions of people who had probably never even heard of Charlie Hebdo have now seen those illustrations and articles and tribute cartoons are everywhere.
It has been a sad few days that have made cartoons & freedom of speech stronger than ever.

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