Thursday, 9 April 2015

Steampunk Village 2015

The sun was shining over the bank holiday weekend at the Festival of Steam & Transport at Chatham Historic Dockyard.
There were engines and contraptions wheezing and pumping steam into the air as multitudes of visitors swarmed the popular attraction.
To the right of the entrance loomed a large building with a huge sign flapping in the breeze that read, "Steampunk Village".. and this was to be the residence of my caricature pitch for a fun filled couple of days.
Those souls brave enough to venture up the stairs would have been greeted with a fantasy world of steam inventions, goggle clad lunatics running this way and that, playing music, sword fighting, singing and having all sorts of fun. These costumed folk had a wide range of outfits, some victorian, some pirate or military, some even with large impressive wings sprouting from their shoulders.
For lovers of Doctor Who there were all sorts of Whovian creatures running wild, along with a Tom Baker impersonator who sounded more like Tom than Tom does.
I drew til I felt like my hand would fall off, then I'd draw some more. A fellow caricaturist, Karl Lind, was working on the other side of the arena and he appeared to be doing the same.
Those of you familiar with my Youtube channel will be aware of my Kermit-esqe zombie frog, Germit who makes regular appearances. Well, just because I was working didn't mean he could have the weekend off, so I had him filming scenes for a couple of films from the weekend.
You can watch them below. Enjoy... and maybe come along next year for more Steampunk madness.

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