Thursday, 22 August 2013

@rickygervais vs @b0ringtweets

There are few bloggers out there that blog as little as me, and most 'guides to blogging' will tell you never to mention how rarely you do so. There's a mistake right away then.. bugger.
But some blogs are like a machine that give the reader tons to read about a chosen subject, and one of those that I am now a little involved in is

A few weeks back I was approached on twitter by @GervaisFanArt regarding the hilarious conversations between Ricky Gervais and a truly fascinating chap under the twitter name of @b0ringtweets. I had followed a few of these conversations and so was honoured to be asked to create doodles to go along with the characters. Gervais fan art have compiled these conversations in a very funny weekly blog which can promise conversations of the wonders of a Boots store card and the excitement of the Samsung SGH A300 to name a few!

I am told this blog has received quite a following and so look forward to doodling more for GervaisFanArt, Ricky and our Meticulous Hero as time goes on.

For those interested, here's Ricky talking about @b0ringtweets and @GervaisFanArt in a radio interview...

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