Thursday, 5 September 2013

No more commissions for now! Sorry!

My work as a cartoonist/caricaturist can be pretty diverse and the projects that come my way are varied and exciting.
I regularly attend events drawing live caricatures which is always great fun and from time to time I have drawn commission based pieces for customers.
Lately I have been taking on various illustration projects too, from the cover of The Slipkin Papers (find it on Amazon- great book) to the @b0ringtweets vs @rickygervais project I have recently been working on, right through to some book illustration projects that are still ongoing.
The problem with taking on all of these jobs is that some things have to take a back burner to make room for others.
It is for this reason that regretfully I will not be taking on any more commissions until further notice. The commissions take up a great deal of time what with changes and tweaks, and for this reason are not really financially viable. I could put prices up but wouldn't want to be charging over the odds.
You can still hire me for events, I attend many of these and the pictures always go down well.
Apologies peeps, I'm not saying never again, just not for the time being.

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