Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Feeling Stirred not Shaken

So I'm just recovering from an absurdly busy weekend which started with a wedding in Essex, followed by a corporate gig in London with a whole army of caricaturists and magicians, then the true insanity that was the Detling Wedding Show (I promise I shall respond to all those emails very soon) and ending in a trip to Birmingham for a hugely entertaining gig last night.
It's not often I venture up that far, but I truly love a 'road trip gig' and this one proved well worth the journey. I visited the hotel that would be playing host to the good people of VitrA earlier in the day to get my bearings, but I had no idea how amazing the bond themed extravaganza would pan out that evening.
The genius that is Jason Southard and his team at www.casinohireuk.com had put on an amazing show that I was truly proud to be a part of, featuring casino tables, a mind reader, no end of giant Bond props and even a couple of Bond girls wandering around. Plus of course, there was me, a character maybe a little more Mr Bean than Mr Bond but I had a whale of a time nonetheless.
It was an amazing crowd too, I actually drew so many pictures that when I departed I only had three sheets of paper left.
I always thank my lucky stars for this amazing job and last night rates up there with the best of them. Once the RSI in my hand has eased up I shall look forward to more like that!

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