Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Wedding Diaries: Cake

I've attended more weddings as a caricaturist than I can possibly remember, lately it has reached into the region of three or four a week. You would think that this would mean I have a complete and calm understanding of what goes into planning a wedding, but if you were to think that you'd be wrong.
As many of you may know I am getting married myself next July and the prospect and complication of it all makes my head spin.
In order to track our progress or lack of progress in our wedding plans I thought I would post a blog or two in the months leading up to it, with regards to the different bits and bobs involved.
Today, I thought I would blog about cake. Yesterday Mai and I took a trip to collect a box of sample cakes from, a company which started out just a few months back. The selection and quality of the cakes on offer however would make you think they had been in business for years.
We took the cakes to a family meal and they were thoroughly enjoyed by all. I don't tend to eat a lot of sugary goodies so the chocolate mint cupcake I had for dessert last night was something of a treat.
I think it's pretty safe to say we will be using this company for our wedding, not just for the great cakes or for the competitive prices but also for the love they put in to what they do.
If you like cakes for any occasion their website is well worth a butchers (or should that be bakers?).

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