Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Caricaturing at Kent Life

On Monday I had the pleasure of entertaining at a new venue.. that being Kent Life in Maidstone.
It was a fun day as I pitched up at a village hall on the green that I had all to myself, first basking in the sunlight then as clouds formed I moved into the hall's interior to carry on doodling.
It had been a busy weekend of weddings and it made a nice come-down to sit at this great venue and draw the different families that popped by.. many thanks to all of you that let me go to town on their faces!
I did get photographed drawing by the local press so keep an eye out for that.. I may miss it myself as not based in Maidstone.
Kent Life will certainly be becoming a regular haunt of the Artful Doodler.. I shall keep you posted.
Right, sleep beckons.. two days of filming await at Chatham Docks.

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