Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Psychic Sally

After a busy weekend of commissions and a great wedding at the Mountains Country House, I had the opportunity last night to see Psychic Sally live on stage with friends.
I went with some trepidation as I am what I would describe as a hopeful skeptic. I simply love the idea that ghosts wander among us and that we could communicate with them but I really want something solid before I can trust what a medium tells me. I had never seen Sally on tv but I am told she is a very highly respected medium.
I will say this for Sally Morgan.. she seems to be a lovely person. Very friendly and open, and surprisingly thoughtful with regards to people's feelings. She did surprise me when she came up with the names of people she was speaking to and I found myself suitably intrigued with her show.
My biggest problem however comes with people wanting so hard to believe that their loved ones are trying to contact them and I found so many that stood up were giving away information that Sally hadn't asked for. I felt very strongly for a girl that responded to a supposed visitation from a child that had died in a car crash. The girl in question admitted that she had been driving the car that had killed the child and I thought it was very brave to stand up and admit to this, and it was very nice to see  Sally say so.
If a medium brings people hope and warmth when they have lost those close to them then I think that is a good thing. After all, isn't this the good side of religion? I only hope that mediums, whether true or false, truly believe what they are telling people.
Maybe my mistrust comes from my concern that mediums may be into what they do for financial gain.
A few years back, during the height of Most Haunted's popularity, I went to see Derek Acorah perform his show on two seperate occasions. The first time I was shocked with the accuracy of his predictions, the second time I was shocked with the inaccuracy. To be honest, I don't know what to think.
Ghosts, pop by and say hello to me.. I truly want to believe.
I thank you though Sally, for an enjoyable show.. certainly given me food for thought.

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