Monday, 20 October 2014

Recovering from a Wedding Experience

Though the Bluewater Wedding Show was on the same day, The Wedding Experience at the Detling Showground yesterday was in full swing.
I had printed up an unholy amount of sheets for the fair and yet as it approached late afternoon I was starting to run low.
Met quite a few people who have already booked me and it was nice to receive several bookings on the day.
Always fun meeting new people and getting to doodle new faces. Even met one couple who were expert dog groomers and got a few great hints for when we get a Bassett pup later in the year.. began to feel like I owed them a fee! 
The only awkward thing at a fair is that I find myself having two conversations at once.. One with the people Im drawing and one with the people talking to Mai next to me... So apologies if I phased out while talking to any of you!
So another big thanks to Tina Green and the staff of the Wedding Experience.. You did us proud... again.
Once I'd finished yesterday I went straight off to work a wedding in Dartford.. and it was a busy one... Boy, do my limbs hate me now.

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