Thursday, 1 October 2015

Pulling out of the Rochester Christmas Market

Ah, the Government. You've gotta love them. Sorry, no you don't.
I'm not one to spout political opinions. Generally I live by the words of Billy Connolly,
"The fact that you want to become a politician should stop you being able to become one"
The worst thing about the Government (especially the one we have now) is that they like pulling funding for things, having a knock on effect for the rest of the country.
The Rochester Christmas Market, something I have attended now for much of my career as a caricaturist has had it's government funding cut. This in turn has meant that the organisers have had to raise prices for stalls... boo!
Now, the Christmas Market has lots of local people selling handmade crafts and goods and maybe, just maybe they will be able to make enough to make it worthwhile. But for a caricaturist drawing pictures paid per person there is only so much time in the day to make your money... and there's little room for profit this time.
It's ok, I'm getting booked solid for winter weddings and Christmas parties but it's nice to show my face at the Rochester events.
But I'm afraid dear people, I bow out of this one for now.. I just hope this wont be the case for the Dickens Festival in the Summer, the place where I first began as a caricaturist.
No Artful Doodler at the Rochester Christmas Market and possibly the Dickens Festival, in the town where Dickens wrote his novels?! Shame on you, Mr Cameron and your lackeys.

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