Monday, 6 February 2012

'Royal' Mail funding the Queens Jubilee?

For 10 years now I have had a PO Box which I have used for all my art based mail and while having to deal with the odd Post Office Monkey things have worked to a degree.
In a world which now hypes on about internet security and keeping your personal details safe I would have thought it wise to keep my home address off of websites and such, so a PO Box serves that purpose. 
Last week my yearly bill for my PO Box turned up and my eyes nearly fell out of my head. The price had gone up from £95 to £170!
I called Royal Mail's "help" number and was told to complain via their website, I did this and was then told to phone the number I'd just phoned... aaagh! Finally today I got to speak to a person and they said with the use of the internet the postal service has had to put their prices up.
Shocked, I said, "what, by nearly 100%?" and the reply was, simply, "yup, sorry"
What with Apple canceling the iweb service that creates my website, some big wedding fairs charging a fortune for people to visit and now this, I'm wondering what the world has against a small caricature business.
Pretty soon we may just need a mortgage to buy stamps!

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