Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Hugo Movie Companion

A couple of days until the uk release of Hugo so I thought I'd briefly mention The Hugo Movie Companion by Brian Selznick, author of the original Hugo Cabret novel.
Having worked as an extra on Hugo I eagerly picked up a copy of this book in order to look through photos of this movie's lavish set and I have to say I wasn't disappointed.
Aimed at a young audience, this book will still appeal to all ages as the cast and crew of the movie discuss their love of movies and the effect movies had on them as children. This, combined with Brian's own take on how his popular novel has been transformed into a movie makes this a small treasure of a book. I can only imagine as an artist how wonderful it must have been to see his own creation being brought to life by the master that is Martin Scorsese.
An added bonus for me was when I flicked through the book I noticed a certain caricaturist peering pack at me.. I'm in print at last!! hehe

Whist on set I did work on a cartoon journal of my time there.. I will finish it next week when I have finally seen the movie. For copyright reasons it may never see the light of day but copies of the first half of it are out there, in the hands of my fellow extras and I do believe, Mr Scorsese himself.

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