Wednesday, 12 October 2011


As being a caricaturist involves drawing faces, it's always nice to meet those with the most famous faces, i.e. celebrities.
I'm not normally nervous around celebs but for some reason when waiting to meet Leigh Francis' creation Keith Lemon in Bluewater last week, I suddenly became a little worried. Not only is Mr Lemon a wild tv personality but my other concern was that I had a caricature to pass onto him and I suddenly realised while flicking through his new book, The Rules, that he was something of a caricaturist himself. Was I about to be laughed out of Waterstones?
The queue was long but the book served as good entertainment and I sniggered to myself while reading that Owen Wilson has "a nose like a tallywacker" and other such gems.
And then I met the man himself. Following a large group of people laughing and joking with the star, I simply mumbled that I was a caricaturist while he signed the book, handed the caricature over for a quick photo and made a fast getaway.
Oh dear, you'd think after 15 years doing this I would be more assertive.
I have other celebrities I hope to meet soon and with any luck I can fake confidence in myself!

Will keep you posted..

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