Saturday, 9 April 2011

Like a bad penny...

 The slacker returns once more to his blog...
It's been a weird couple of weeks to be honest.

Almost two weeks ago I had an audition for a popular game show. It was kind of a bizarre experience, lots of hopefuls turning up hoping to open boxes on the telly, not the most normal of days I'm sure. It was nice to see most of the people there were normal though, and I sat it the waiting area occupying myself by doodling pictures of them.
As it happens I didn't get through, and I suspect it had something to do with my disastrous video interview in which I was asked about the celebrities I have drawn.. when I reeled off the list I must have come off as a little ambitious.

The next day I returned to my 'normal' life and went back to Dickens World for a few days. Thanks to this hot weather it was a little quiet but I got the chance to draw a few people.

The following Saturday I attended the wedding of Kelly and Giles at the stunning location of the Oatlands Park Hotel in Surrey. It was something of a novelty as they had a burlesque theme to the event, meaning I had lots to exaggerate with regards to corsets, top hats and all manner of stylish quirks. It was such a busy event too that although I was doing wandering caricatures, I found myself fixed to one spot as the queue became larger by the second.

I've also attended a few wedding fairs over the last couple of weeks that have proved interesting, particularly so the one I attended last Sunday with my friends at AkEntertainments.. for some reason we had a fit of the giggles which provided my customers with very concerned looks, I can only imagine what they thought I had drawn.

Anyway, much more is in the pipeline.. tomorrow I should be attending a wedding fair at The Mountains Country House in Hildenborough, Kent. I say should as I received a slightly impromptu invite so I'm yet to find out all the details... eek!

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